My Canada: Part 1

Every part of me knows this routine. Leave earlier then I’d thought. Arrive later than I’d hoped. Buy more than I’d needed, (always unremarkably in Boots). I sit, I wait, I feel more anxious than i’d anticipated, as the engines turn on, we abruptly jerk away. When did I become afraid of flying? When did … More My Canada: Part 1

Miss Mabel

Mabel had always loved the Post Office, an odd place to feel such affinity with you might think, but a single destination offering the chance to have a multitude of practical tasks ticked off at once, was Miss Mabel Loughton’s idea of comfort and retreat. To her, the Post Office was the singular remaining  occurrence … More Miss Mabel

Guardian Masterclass

Almost a year on from my ramble, I am precisely no closer to that writing self I intended to be in 2014. I have, however, taken a tiny shuffle (thankfully) in a forward momentum, by deciding to attend a Guardian Masterclass hosted by Alex Preston, whereby I willingly got up at 7am on a Saturday morning, travelled … More Guardian Masterclass

A Sunday Morning Attempt & Ramble: I’m Going To Be A Writer

It’s not often you wake on a Sunday morning thinking today , nay this morning! This morning, i’m going to change the world. This Sunday morning unfortunately has been absolutely no different; I woke up, tidied a bit (moved the dishes to the sink vicinity) and checked my Twitter feed, the only difference was that this morning … More A Sunday Morning Attempt & Ramble: I’m Going To Be A Writer